Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics, Steinfeld

Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics
Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics 2nd Edition by Jeffrey I. Steinfeld offers well balanced presentation on the macroscopic perspectives of empirical kinetics along with the microscopic molecular viewpoint of chemical dynamics. Stressing interconnections amongst phenomenological chemical kinetics and molecular response dynamics, the book discusses reactions in gasoline cycle, liquids, and at surfaces; molecular potential surfaces; gas-gas and gas-surface theories applied to reactive collisions.

This book includes applications to atmospheric chemistry, combustion, and chemical lasers too as a number of methods for solving kinetic equations. It also addresses matters not identified in other guides: Facts theory, Stochastic simulation, and Sensitivity analysis.

Actually, Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics, Steinfeld has been revised to involve the most recent facts also as new topics, just like heterogeneous reactions in atmospheric chemistry, reactant solution imaging, and molecular dynamics of H + H2. It offers an experimental observation in the changeover state (“Femtochemistry”); new remedy of stratospheric chemistry, such as heterogeneous processes and stability among catalytic cycles.

Writers also discuss about environmental implications, and coverage implications also as current database data on NIST kinetics also as JPL evaluations. This book is precious reference on kinetics for qualified atmospheric kineticists and chemical engineers. Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics 2nd Edition is hugely advisable to study for that introductory graduate level kinetics course or sophisticated undergraduate kinetics course.

Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics (2nd Edition)

Jeffrey I. Steinfeld, Joseph S. Francisco and William L. Hase
Prentice Hall; 2 edition
560 pages

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Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics

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