Handbook of Heterocyclic Chemistry 3rd Edition, Katritzky

Handbook of Heterocyclic Chemistry 3rd Edition
Handbook of Heterocyclic Chemistry 3rd Edition by Alan R. Katritzky addresses the structure and synthesis of all heterocyclic compounds to save scientists time once they call for crucial facts on hetero cycles Heterocyclic compounds perform a very important role inside the metabolic process of residing cells. Their practical programs range from considerable medical use to fields as diverse as agriculture, photography, biocide formulation and polymer science.

Authored by top scholars and business professionals, the book is thoroughly up to date with more than 50% new content. It continues to be rewritten with new expanded author group, distilled essential information within the reactivity, construction and synthesis of heterocycles in the 2008 important reference operate Detailed Heterocyclic Chemistry III. To bring the operation of work, the creator group have also added new synthetic good examples and structures, crucial programs and new references from 2008-2010.

Furthermore, Handbook of Heterocyclic Chemistry 3rd Edition consists of 1500 obviously drawn structures and reactions. The highly systematic coverage offered to the topic can make this 1 of the most authoritative single-volume accounts of modern day heterocyclic chemistry out there and should really be valuable reference for those teaching a heterocyclic program.

This book explores a large number of plainly drawn chemical structures and pertinent critiques with 35% new materials to compliment the totally revised text. Handbook of Heterocyclic Chemistry 3rd Edition is critical reference work for academic and qualified libraries. This text is very recommended reference for undergraduates and professionals.

Handbook of Heterocyclic Chemistry, Third Edition

Alan R. Katritzky, Christopher A. Ramsden, John A. Joule and Viktor V. Zhdankin
Elsevier; 3 edition
1010 pages

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Handbook of Heterocyclic Chemistry

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