Transport Phenomena Fundamentals, Joel Plawsky

Transport Phenomena Fundamentals
Transport Phenomena Fundamentals 2nd Edition, by Joel L. Plawsky supplies complete reviews of heat, mass, and momentum transport primarily based on a stability equation approach. Though the application of chemical engineering has broadened to embody problems in a variety of disciplines, including biology, biochemistry, and nanotechnology, one of many curriculum foundations is constructed upon the topic of transport phenomena.

Utilized in a two-term transport phenomena sequence at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, this text streamlines the strategy to how the subject is taught. The primary a part of the book takes college students by the stability equation within the context of diffusive transport, be it momentum, vitality, mass, or charge. Every chapter provides a time period to the balance equation, highlighting the results of that addition on the bodily habits of the system and the underlying mathematical description.

Transport Phenomena Fundamentals 2nd Edition, by Joel L. Plawsky builds upon the steadiness equation description of diffusive transport by introducing convective transport phrases, focusing on partial reasonably than atypical differential equations. The Navier-Stokes and convective transport equations are derived from steadiness equations in both macroscopic and microscopic forms.

This book is now enhanced by the use of finite factor strategies in the type of examples and extended homework problems. The sequences of example modules are related to each chapter of the text. Some of the modules are used to provide examples in the text, and a few are mentioned within the homework on the finish of each chapter.

The entire modules are located online at an accompanying website which is designed to be a living part of the course. This book is designed for a two-time period course with examples and problems drawn from Comsol software.

Transport Phenomena Fundamentals, Second Edition (Chemical Industries) [Hardcover]

Joel L. Plawsky
CRC Press; 2 edition
857 pages

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Includes examples and problems drawn from Comsol® software

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